Monday, September 10, 2012

Another Quick Makeover - A GW Bench

I bought an old bench at GW for a few dollars the other day. I had visions of painting it in checks and recovering the cushions in a funky, bright and cheery fabric, but this is how it turned out!
I sanded it and spray painted the old wooden frame in a glossy black:
Then I recovered the seat in a beautiful fabric from Hobby Lobby. I also added some gold fringe to three edges:
Because I wanted to sell it on CraigsList, I decided to keep it traditional, rather than "wild".
This was a quick and easy makeover!
And I am happy to say it sold on CraigsList in less than 24 hours!

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  1. It may have been quick and easy....but the result is WOW. I love it. THANKS for sharing.

  2. I love what you did! I'm sure someone will snap that up in a minute! New follower for you...Angie

  3. This is darling! Your things are selling like hotcakes. No surprise on my part. ~ Sarah
    Did you see my new post?????????

  4. Nice job! I'm not surprised that it sold so quickly. I really need to check out selling things on CraigsList. Love the teapot that Sarah bought.

  5. No wonder it sold so is absolutely adorable. You did a great job on it.
    and on the them.

  6. I would love to see how the buyer displays it. Do they ever send you photos? Love it!!

  7. Love it, Patti! Love the fringe you added to the seat. I think it adds a little whimsy while keep the look traditional.

  8. I LOVE your redo of this beautiful chair...I remember these chairs as "Places of Beauty" from the furniture of the 40s...I had my parents set from when they married in 1947 and it had a mirrored make-up desk/type bureau(I don't know WHAT THEY CALLED THEM, but every bedroom set had one), AND they all had one of these chairs...I didn't appreciate it then! BUT NOW I'm going to have to add one to my wish list. I LOVE bring it back. Thank you for the idea!!!
    Have a wonderful week,

  9. Very Cool! Great re-do! I'd like to invite you to share this at my linky party, Twirl & Take a Bow at I think it'd make a great addition!

  10. I just love this - beautiful job!!!

  11. This stool looks great and I so wish Craigslist was as popular here to sell my stuff when it doesn't move fast enough at the antique mall. I liked your MC pillow too!


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Thanks for stopping by!