Saturday, September 8, 2012

Knock Off MacKenzie-Childs Candlesticks

I recently bought a pair of brown wooden candlesticks at GW for $.50. I primed them, painted them white and then painted black checks on them:
In no time at all, I had a pair of cute "knock-offs":
A little 14K Gold trim and some spray acrylic finished them off nicely:
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  1. These are adorable. I recently bought a pair of brass candlesticks and wondered if you might be able to paint them. I'll send you a photo and see what you think. ;-)
    Happy weekend.........Sarah

  2. Patti, these are adorable. Such a cute shape, and the courtly check looks perfect on them!

  3. I love the shape of them! You are the CC queen:-)

  4. Those are great! I saw the teapot you painting for Hyacinths for the Soul. That was amazing!!


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Thanks for stopping by!