Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ziti and Summer Veggies

I saw this recipe for Ziti with Summer Vegetables at Rantings of an Amateur Chef and thought I would try it:
It was simple and tasty - find the recipe here
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  1. Just caught up on a bunch of your posts. Goodness, Patti, you just amaze me! I love the little table you painted--has someone bought it yet? I would think it got snatched up! You have an amazingly steady hand; you make me want to give fun painting techniques a try.

    Right now I need to make some throw pillows. Of course, they're so simple (just making a simple knife edge) but honestly, I'm such a poor seamstress that I almost hate to get the sewing machine out! Maybe one day I'll learn to sew properly--like you!! Or maybe i'll just keeping plodding along with my simple straight (well, nearly straight!) seams. I should be so grateful that I have a machine and can sew a little bit!

  2. Patti that looks so YUMMY! Heading over to ck out the recipe.

  3. Patti, looks yummy, especially served up in that Flower Market pan. ;-)


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Thanks for stopping by!



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