Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guest Bathroom Window

When we moved into our home, I made this valance for the guest bathroom window.  I also had to make a lace balloon shade in case the neighbors were "peeking"!
 The walls are sand color and the accent color was navy, but I thought the room wars dark.
 While I was on Cape Cod last year I bought a bunch of fabric from a designer .  This was one of my favorites:
 Using the same pattern I designed for the original valance, I cut our another from the designer fabric and lining fabric. I stitched the right sides together.
 The trick to forming smooth curves is to clip the convex curves...
 and to snip the concave curves:
 To get sharp corners, you must cut at an angle to reduce the bulk:
 I sewed on 3 sides, leaving the top open:

 At this point I turn it right-side out:
 And pressing your fabric really well is the key to making your products look professional:
 At this point I stapled it onto the same board I used originally.  I keep the nails in it so that I can use the exact same nail holes in the woodwork:
 I also hot glued the trim on the bottom edge.  The reason I glue it is that it can be easily removed and used again (this very trim was on my living room valances last year!)
 And then it is tacked back into place:
 BUT, I didn't like it with the balloon shade, so I made a bottom curtain (just in case those neighbors are peeking, remember?):
 The bathroom is now brighter without the navy blue shower curtain
 Can you see the neighbor's morning room windows?  No way for them to see anything going on in this room!!
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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. That looks great. It really brightened up the room too.

  2. Love your valance and curtains...I am so going to do this!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Miss Bloomers

  3. It looks very niceM
    I love Cape Cod. we used to go every year till we bought in Southampton.
    Very similar!

  4. Oh yeah. If not for the curtains, your bathroom window would be looking directly your neighbor’s windows. And it’s not a very nice thought when you’re bathing, whatsoever. With this lovely fabric, you can get the privacy you need without looking too obvious! :D

  5. Where can I get the pattern for the valance?