Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Sweet and Quick Snack

These are so quick and easy to make:
I gathered my supplies: 4 different types of sprinkles and melted chocolate:
and some marshmallows - I used chocolate marshmallows, but caramel, plain or strawberry flavored marshmallows would also work just as well:
They are FAT FREE :-)
I dipped the marshmallows into chocolate, added sprinkles, and stuck a pretzel into each one. After the chocolate sets, they are ready to eat!
So quick and easy - and tasty, too!


  1. They really look pretty displayed all together. I have no doubt they are delicious too!

  2. Oh my gosh - so yummy! How are you not 3,000 pounds? Can I come over and eat some too?! ;)


  3. Very cute and pretty! These would be great for a party. I linked to you from Make a Foodie Friend Monday. i will be making this! Thanks


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Thanks for stopping by!