Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bedroom Night Stand

I am always amazed when I see photos of people's bedrooms and their night stands have NOTHING on them. I always wonder:
"where are their decorating magazines, tissues, eyeglasses, nail files, sudoku books, hollywood tabloids, water glasses, pens, telephones, tv remotes, note pads, and so on"???
Because my night stand always looked like a mess, I decided to make a quick change (and I WILL NOT show you the before because, trust me folks, I just described it in detail!)

This little set of drawers was given to me years ago by my grandmother. It was stained wood and I painted it white, then grey, then white again:
I painted it a few shades lighter than my bedroom wall (spiced vinegar) and kept the knobs white. Now I have enough drawers to hide all the aforementioned necessities!
But somehow I imagine it won't look like this for long!!
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  1. My nightstand is just like yours (was ..... will be again).

    This is pretty darn nice.

  2. Your so funny, Patti! I keep all that stuff in little organized boxes in the top drawer of my nightstand, but a lot of it seems to end up on top, like yours!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. This is a great idea for a night table with lots of storage. We recently bought new bedroom furniture and I didn't want the tops of the nightstands to get nicked up like our old ones so I bought 2 very attractive wooden trays to place on top along with our lamps. We still have "stuff" on them but everything looks neater in a tray!

  4. I like it! I wish I had something like it, I think those drawers will come in handy for sure! :)

  5. That's a perfect nightstand. I have one small drawer in mine crammed with stuff...the top of it is a mess of alarm clock, cell phone charger, glasses,'s always a mess!

  6. You are so funny Patti!
    This looks great!


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