Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Uncomfortable Chair...

Artie, from Color Outside the Lines is hosting Vignette Friday, so I thought I would share my "very uncomfortable chair" with all of you:

Many years ago I bought this chair at the Regional Market in Syracuse. I painted it and recovered the seat:
It has to be the most uncomfortable chair I have ever sat upon.
So I treat it like a table top:
Sitting upon it is a fake book, a few little pillows I made and a candlestick, which holds a candle I colored with a Sharpie marker (as you might remember, I love my Sharpie markers because you can color ANYTHING with them):
This little pillow was made from fabric found in a sample book and I made the flowers from organza fabric:
I am searching for a replacement for this chair because foam and batting will not do the trick, even the back is uncomfortable, and the chair squeaks, and it doesn't match anything else I have, and so on!! BUT, it works well as a table!

Sharing this with Artie from Color Outside The Lines for Vignette Friday


  1. PATTI!!!! Thank you SOOO much for taking part in my first ever Vignette Friday post! I'm so honored that you'd share a little time with me today! I'm tickled pink! REALLY! Love this idea of using chairs as table tops - especially those that are uncomfy - and honey, do I have a few of those! Scott has this chair thing, anytime he sees one that is absolutely ugly, or unbearably uncomfortable - HE BUYS IT! LOL! This is a lovely vignette! I hope you'll participate every week! :)

  2. I so love it!!! I want so badly to do something similar - I love the idea of using a chair for a display - but I'm sooo short of space and seating that it's been difficult. Maybe in the yard....hmmmmmm.....I'm off!! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  3. I have a very similar chair Patti! It is like a chair for a king. Of course Mr. A bought it! He is kinda like Artie's Scott, when he sees a chair that is uncomfortable or ugly, he buys it too. What is up with that!?
    This chair could work as a table. I like it when people do that next to a bed.

  4. I LOVE the "chair table" idea... I have used this for many an antique chair I didn't want anyone to sit on(I know that's cheating)...OH and if you really didn't want the chair any more, pop the seat out completely and move it into the garden, It will make a wonderful trellis for a trailing vine clematis or "Whatever your heart desires"!

  5. I think that's a great idea! I'm running out of tabletops to display my stuff and I've got some dining room chairs not doing anything (and they aren't comfortable either). The two chairs that aren't at the table with the others would make great display areas. I'm going to try this.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Like the chair for table look, too, with two cats in our household no chair is so uncomfortable that you can't nap on it, haha.
    Love the fabric roses. I must try to make some, they have so many uses and can dress up any surface. Lovely vignette!

  7. It just goes to prove there's more than one way to skin a chair!

    I LOVE this idea.

  8. I really love the way you "colored" a harlequin design on the candle with your marker! The entire vignette on the chair is so nice. Who thinks of using a chair as a tabletop? Mine are usually just piled high with books or an article of clothing! LOL
    ~ Sue

  9. How clever -- I would have never thought of doing that -- I would end up getting rid of the chair (and for me, with a chair fetish . . . )

  10. I like your vignette, and your candle goes with my box! :D Your pillow is so pretty - you are very talented.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.


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