Sunday, August 8, 2010

1000 Islands - Alex Bay, NY

The "Thousand Islands" are located in the St Lawrence Seaway in Northern NY. Alexandria Bay is a summer resort area and one of the most popular attractions is the Uncle Sam Boat Tour of the islands and Boldt Castle.
The boat ride out to Heart Island and Boldt Castle takes only about 10 minutes. This is the Power House:
The tale of this castle is a love story. George Boldt, proprietor of the Waldorf-Astoria in NYC in the early 1900's, began construction on the castle for his wife.
In 1904, broken-hearted, he stopped construction due to her untimely death. He never returned to the island and throughout the years weather and vandals destoyed the building.
The Thousand Island Bridge Authority is now refurbishing the castle and following the original plans to complete Boldt's dream. This is the dining room, which has a lovely view of the Seaway:
Boldt reconstructed the island to give it a "heart shape" and the "heart" and the initial "B" are throughout the home and grounds.
In the stonework, wooden paneling...
and the stain glass windows:
Deer statues are found on top of the castle...
...and the archway to the swan pond:
Weddings can now take place on the island and the flowers, especially in the Italian Garden are lovely.
Of the 6 stories and 127 rooms, in the main home only the first floor is complete, as well as the 2 bedrooms on the second floor. As you progress up the castle, you can see the remains of vandals, with grafitti and other damage. The basement indoor swimming pool is currently being restored.
If you ever get to the Alex Bay area, you must visit Boldt Castle!
Stay tuned tomorrow to hear about the 1000 Islands Millionaires Boat Tour and the winery!!


  1. Everything you told and showed about the main castle is fabulous, but I'm dying to hear about that little castle out in the water with a stone bridge leading to it!!

  2. Sounds and looks very inviting indeed!


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