Tuesday, July 20, 2010

MacKenzie-Childs Farmhouse

One of the highlights of going to the MacKenzie-Childs store in Aurora, NY is touring the farmhouse. It was decorated in the last 10 years or so by Pleasant Rowland, prior owner of M-C (currently owned by Twin Lakes Capital) and was to be used as a guest house for executives visiting the plant.
The front of the farmhouse faces Cayuga Lake:
The living room has a lovely fireplace:
The dining room displays many of the dishes and a grand chandelier. It is so gorgeous during the Christmas Holidays!
The Breakfast Room is just a beautiful, the chandelier is a teapot and tea cups!:
All the new floral enamelware was on sale during the Barn Sale:
This is one of my favorite pieces in the courtly checks:
And I WANT this table (but I will have to paint it myself because it is too, too expensive):
The bedrooms are quite exquisite...can you see the roosters on top of the bedposts?
A quiet place to write :
And a sweet place to read (I want that lamp, too):
And this is the "piece de resistance", a WHOLE room painted in courtly checks:

And in the same room there are doors painted in a faux marble - can you guess what is behind this door?
This fabulous shower with stunning tiles:
"Fingers" dipped in yellow paint were used to paint this room - this pattern is now retired:
And they didn't leave out the balusters:
Another room overlooks the lake and is used as an office:
Doesn't it make you want to visit? A while back I showed a photo of the pink kitchen. Stop by tomorrow to see a few great chandeliers displayed in the M-C store


  1. Wow! What a place. So many interesting things to look at. I'm not sure I could stay in the checked room for too long...afraid it might make me dizzy!

  2. This looks more like a children's fairyland than an executive retreat. Great job on that faux marble door. Is this the definition of opulance? (And how I wish I could visit.)


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Thanks for stopping by!