Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Better than apples...

After apple picking on Saturday, we went to the winery. All of the wines are made from apples
They have wines and hard ciders - the difference is the alcohol content, wine having more than the hard cider.
And right across the street is the distillery where vodka is made from the apples.
The vodka is bottled in tall slim bottles with a label that shows the beautiful view from the grounds.
And the view is lovely, looking toward the reservation, just south of Syracuse. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and the foliage isn't at peak around here. Good thing wine and vodka tasting can be done in any type of weather!


  1. What a neat place! I just saw your Christmas countdown and I can't believe there are only 80 days until Christmas! YIKES!

  2. Apple vodka -- brilliant! My friends and I are having a dinner party next week...everyone has to bring something made with apple. I would totally be the star if I showed up with that. :-)

    Thanks for your commment...that thrift sale was insane!! And speaking of insane...I'm insane for leaving that chair! What was I thinking? :-)


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Thanks for stopping by!