Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thrifty Thursday #6

I am joining Leigh for Thrifty Thursday again.

These are 3 chairs I bought Tuesday at the Goodwill Thrift Shop:
I saw them and decided to go home and think about it - of course, when I got home I thought "why didn't I just buy them?" The price of the chairs was $8.00 each. I knew they were oak, but was focused on the fact that I just needed a few extra chairs for the holidays. I returned after dinner and asked the manager if I could have the 3 chairs for $20.00 and he agreed. BARGAIN!

While paying the cashier, a customer behind me began inspecting the chairs and offered me $30.00 for them. I just giggled and said "no, thanks". As I was loading them into the car, he offered me $40.00 for them, again I giggled and said "no thanks". He then informed me that they were mission oak and that I should research them on the internet. As I said, I just needed a few extra chairs and just "liked" them.

I just surfed the net and found these chairs which are quite similar and they are selling 6 for $1850.00. I am sure there is quite a difference, but I like mine. Does anyone know anything about these chairs?

I can't wait to clean them up and recover them...stay tuned...

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