Friday, September 25, 2009


I was strolling though Blogland yesterday and came across a posting where someone had an old telephone stand and was planning on refinishing it...I might have left a message - I can't remember - I am slowly losing my mind! But, anyway, I wanted her to see the potential. Here is a telephone stand I painted a few years ago for my classroom ;
It has become the "naughty" chair for my middle school students. If I need to separate a student from the rest of the class, this is where they sit to complete their classwork. I have been lucky so far - no one has written on it (A few times I have expected to read things like "the teacher is a b****, or I hate "Mrs P") and it seems to solve the problem - however, there are a few who ask to sit in it because they like the colors so much!

So., if you come across the gal who bought the old beat up telephone stand, send her over to Pandora's Box for a look-see


  1. Patti, this is great! Love this change!

  2. What a great idea....and a great chair. I love the colors too....I'm glad no one has written on it!!

  3. A Naughty Chair!! that is perfect, seeing as how I have 3 sons. It's the perfect spot to write "If I do not have anything nice to say...." 100 times.
    Thanks so much for finding me ;)


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Thanks for stopping by!



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