Monday, March 16, 2009

8th grade

I teach middle school (sympathy, please) and my students have a vocabulary that always amuses me. The other day, Kevin, grade 8 (probably 16 years old) was on the computer completing an assignment on calorie intake of fast food. All of a sudden I heard some kind of head-banging music coming from his computer. I reminded him, "only one screen opened at a time, Kevin, close out of the music screen". That's when he created a new word (that will probably be in Webster's in a year or two). Kevin said " Miss, I "minisized" it! Now I know he tried to say minimized, but I liked minisize so much that it became the "word of the day" (I was even corrected by a student when I said it later in the day!). It might have even been the connection of our prior "supersize" discussion on fast food.... whatever, it is one of my favorite words to use now. Last year it was "bell scheduelle" - that was a spelling error by my PRINCIPAL!!

Mission accomplished: the baby shower is planned at Olive's Eatery and the invitations are being stamped and fuss, no type of event!

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