Tuesday, March 24, 2009

a challenge

I am on the hunt for a comfy couch for the sunroom. My challenge is that is MUST match my new buffet....well, its not new. It's probably 50 years old, but new to me. And the formality of the cherry certainly did not fit well into the sunny porch decor - so I painted it (it holds the summer outdoor entertainment neccessities: cocktail glasses, serving platters and pool towels). I always tend to do things backwards. Most people would buy a couch and then paint an old piece of furniture to match .... but not me! I guess I like
the challenge, the hunt, finding the impossible. Oh, and did I mention that I only want to spend a few hundred dollars - and it must be new! I will find it - I am determined!

UPDATE; Jan 1, 2010: This was one of my first posts. Ironically, I never found the couch, but rather bought a new home. I sold this buffet in a garage sale.


  1. The buffet is beautiful! I have confidence you will find the appropriate couch, Carter's Gradma can do anything!

  2. Wow, great job! I love the colors and your use of pattern. It makes the piece unique and personal. Nice work and thanks for linking up!


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Thanks for stopping by!



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