Monday, November 14, 2016

S'Mores Pudding Cups

I needed to make a quick dessert, that would travel well, so I made S'More Pudding Cups:


It's simply chocolate pudding, with layers of graham cracker crumbs and mini marshmallows on top!

And I got to finally use the MacKenzie-Childs paper cups I bought last year and these cute wooden spoons I bought at Sur la Table!

I find that I buy so many containers, bags, cups, etc. for entertaining and then forget to use them - SO, my plan is to use all that I have as soon as possible (so I can buy more!!)

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  1. A great idea for traveling Patti. You know I love those MC paper cups! I'm sure these will be enjoyed wherever their destination...........

  2. Patti, I love using those MC paper cups. Cute spoons to add to them. I like baking cupcakes in these too because one can use a fork to eat it rather than just popping it into your mouth. Will make a note of these. They look delicious!


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Thanks for stopping by!