Friday, November 11, 2016

Au Chocolat....

Au Chocolat is a yearly shopping event held in Baldwinsville NY.  Mom and I planned a late lunch and then started "shop-hopping" around 3: 00.  

All of the village shops and businesses offer chocolate treats to their customers!  It's an easy area to walk around and they even offer a trolley to help you "shop hop".  Most of the shops are small and quaint so we like to start early before the crowd arrives!

Our first stop was Olive's Eatery and Cottage Designs:

The petite restaurant offered chocolate covered popcorn, chocolate covered cookies and chocolate wine!

The shoppes upstairs offer lovely home decor....

... boutiques with clothing for all ages...

...and unique jewelry....

...and gifts!

The Fairy Garden is a little girl's dream:

The Savvy Chic offered us caramel chocolate popcorn and a peppermint chocolate brittle.  The bar next door served samples of Chocolate Stout ...

...and this second hand store offered us Chocolate Covered Cherries and Mulled Cider!  Next door was Annie's Tea and Trinkets where we tasted Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies and Chocolate/Banana Tea !!

The Nantucket Cat served a chocolate mulled wine with candies and the boutique across the street handed out Lindt Chocolate Balls!

The local hardware store has a beautiful gift shop and they offered us wine and chocolate covered cookies....this display of snowman bought my eye.... they were adorable!

This Patience Brewster ornament also caught my eye - can you guess why?

And out last stop was the Country Gift Shop...for more chocolate candies!

...and a touch of nostalgia!

Mom and I enjoyed the beginning of "Shop Local" and we were lucky that it was a warm night to stroll around this historic village!

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  1. Looks like a fun day! Love that Don't Quit Your Day Dream sign! Yes, of course, I can understand the PB ornament! =)

  2. Now that's my idea of a perfect shopping spree....and to be able to do it with your mom? Even more perfect!!
    Had been trying to stay away from xmas stuff till after Turkey Day but this lil snowmen have hooked me!!! Must find those!!!
    And chocolate? Divine icing on the proverbial cake!!!!

  3. Patti, you have the cutest little towns near you! Now I'm craving chocolate, thinking of all those treats you found. Chocolate wine? How was it?? The PB ornament is adorable (yes, I do get it!!) and so are the snowmen. I always try to shop local as much as possible. Thanks for the window shopping. Linda

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day! Lunch with your mom and shopping. Love peeking into the shops and wow, all those ornaments. I have a few things by Patience Brewster and I love the zebra too. My sister loves snowmen so one of those would have come home with me. Thanks for the tour......

  5. Those shops look amazing. We have very few like that here on Long Island which puzzles me. =(



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Thanks for stopping by!