Thursday, June 9, 2016

Window treatments....

The Parade of Homes is a 10 day, yearly event which features 8 homes and was held in Manlius, NY this year.  Here are a few unique window treatments that caught my eye:

This curtain rod was adorable....

...the birdhouses were attached at each end and also in the middle of the rod!

I loved the angle of this cornice....

...and the fullness of this gathered treatment of light, flowy fabric:

This bathroom had scraps of fabric simply tied onto a rod:

This master bedroom had a treatment....

with the curtains hung in the center on a short rod, and swung to each side:

This bathroom had a shade made out of a chenille bedspread!!:

This is alway a fun event and the decorating ideas in the 8 homes were just outstanding!

A few of the houses have sold, the others are on the market - the homes are lovely, and have all the new bells and whistles!  It's how the "other half lives"!


  1. I love going to Parade of Homes. I always get great ideas. Have a great weekend, Patti!

  2. I love house tours, Patti! There's always something to learn. Thanks for taking us along on the tour. Linda

  3. Thanks for sharing these cute ideas with us.


  4. I love the opportunity to visit other homes. I always take away new ideas and feel inspired. Thank you for taking us with you on this tour.

  5. Oh you are talking my talk Patti! I never met a Parade of Homes I didn't enjoy. Enjoyed your window snaps, love the slanted cornice and the whimsical birdhouse. Enjoyed my tour.
    Happy weekend.


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Thanks for stopping by!



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