Sunday, December 15, 2013

It's becoming a winter wonderland around here….

A few inches of snow….

….a few red bows...

…a sled and skates….

…christmas lights...

…a bit of sunshine...

…holiday wreaths...

...I think we are ready for a wintery holiday!
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  1. Patti, you do have a cheerful and festive entry. LOVE it and the *snow*


  2. Love the sled and skates! Would you believe all of our snow is gone already?! That didn't take long. ;)


  3. Enjoying all your Christmas decor! We went to dinner Saturday night and I thought the wind was going to knock me down. Large snow drifts too.

  4. It looks like a TOTAL winter wonderland to me!!!!!!! You've got snow and all!!! We've mercifully been skipped over so far except a couple of dustings. I can wait. I'm in no hurry to get to the white stuff!!! :-)

    I love that sled decor on your porch!!!! If ever again I come upon a pair of inexpensive ice skates, I'm going to buy them. Saw some for just $10 about 2 years ago in a thrift store and passed on them. What was I thinking????!?! They would have perfect for SO MANY things!!! Oh, well...water under the bridge. Or ice under the rink. Whatever! :-)

    One week and counting 'til Christmas. Enjoy it!!!


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Thanks for stopping by!