Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cape Cod Colors - "Flowas" and "Lobsta"

I grew up near Cape Cod.  

When I go back, I always notice the "flowas".
Blue hydrangeas are everywhere...

...and the beach roses are blooming in the sand:

The Cape is so "colorful" in July!

And the "lobstas"....not too colorful until....

They're boiled!

And I must share Carter's first kayak adventure - he was so brave and enjoyed every minute!

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  1. enjawed hearing the words with my eyes! I've never been, but it was like being there. thanks for the tour.

  2. Your are so funny! Great shots. I'd love a summer on the Cape, eating lobstas and smelling flowas!
    Barn Sale Day! Hope you are having a grand time.........Sarah


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Thanks for stopping by!