Friday, May 3, 2013

MacKenzie-Childs on Worth Ave in Palm Beach

This is Worth Ave in Palm Beach.  My back was to the ocean as I took this photo:

This is looking the other way:

The stores are lovely, the window displays are stunning and the prices are sky high!  

Of course I stopped into MacKenzie-Childs:

The planters in front of the store windows are decorated with the shards of broken pottery:

Just gorgeous:

My favorite display in this store was the parchment checked fireplace.  This makes me want to go home and paint mine!

And then I could buy this to set across from the fireplace:

As we walked around the store we were offered a cold drink:

In a window of a realty company was this advertisement of a home in the Palm Beach estate section selling for $59 million - imagine the commission check on that sale?  Feel free to call the tel # if you are interested:

It was a fun day in Palm Beach - it's amazing how the "other people" live!

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  1. Gorgeous stuff, Patti! Love those planter boxes and that mantel is something else.

  2. Pattie, what a fun treat for your trip. Like you, the fireplace mantel in parchment is calling to me. It sure would lighten up a room. Enjoy your FL vacation. ~ Sarah

  3. Get that beautiful couch for Mother's Day! It could probably be waiting for you when you get home ;o) You can certainly paint the mantel. Love the planter boxes!


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Thanks for stopping by!