Sunday, April 5, 2020

Black and white checked face masks....

I am sharing 2 ideas to create your own face masks.  

Many ideas and a variety of directions can now be found online, so be creative and make yourself a cute mask!

This is what I did:

I scanned a sheet of MacKenzie-Childs gift wrap paper and printed it onto computer printer fabric. (you can purchase it HERE) and used a 'painters mask' as a base:

I sprayed temporary adhesive onto the mask to hold the fabric in place so I could trim it and pin it:

I used a simple basting stitch to secure the fabric onto the mask...

...and stitched around the mask:

I am not sure if this meets safety standards, but it sure is cute!!


And here I am, at my "quarantined-best",  desperate for a hair cut, no make-up, but ready to fight off germs!

Or you can use a bandana....

....and rubber bands....

...for a mask to cover more of your face:

But, I really don't see myself going very many places and have stayed home for the past 3 weeks, except for a few outdoor walking adventures! 

 Whatever you do, stay safe, be cautious and keep your hands clean!!


  1. Good for you! The painter's mask is a good idea.

  2. I need to check for painter's masks in our garage storage, good idea. Stay home, stay safe! 😘

  3. You made such cute masks! Stay safe and be well.

  4. Of course you would create an MKC face mask! I saw the tshirt/rubber band tutorial by the Surgeon General, I am going to make that one when I have to venture out to the store next...btw, you look really cute in your masks Patti!


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Thanks for stopping by!