Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Holiday Cinnamon Stick Crafts....

 I am sharing some quick craft ideas using cinnamon sticks

You can buy a bag of cinnamon sticks for under $5 but you can create gifts worth much more with them!

A little bit of acrylic paint, Snowtex paint  and a marker can help you make this cute Santa Stirrer:

He is even adorable tied onto a package of hot cocoa for children!

You can simply dip your cinnamon sticks into melted milk chocolate to make "Chocolate Cinnamon Coffee Stirrers" . You can make a few and tie them onto a bag of fresh ground coffee for a neighbor!

Another idea is to glue two together, add some holiday trim, ribbon or twine and create a place card or menu holder for your table:

Here are a few more clever ideas:



And the best part:  They all smell so good!!

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  1. Love these ideas Patti especially your decorated Santa. Thanks for sharing......

  2. Love these cinnamon stick ideas! You are so clever, Patti! :)

  3. Cute Patti! I love the cinnamon stick candle holder!


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Thanks for stopping by!