Wednesday, July 10, 2019

I remember when....

I started this blog on March 6, 2009, a little over 10 years ago.  My goal was to "journal"....sharing my everyday life, talents and ideas.  I have followed bloggers who got married, some divorced, and a few remarried.  Babies were born to a few who didn't want children, and they became great moms!  Lots of grandmothers shared their little blessings!  Some lost their spouses and a few bloggers even passed away.  I was saddened by some with illnesses, others who struggled with personal problems and a few who felt hopeless.  

I watched homes be decorated in a variety of styles, learned myriad of crafts and tried numerous recipes.  I made "friends" with bloggers from all over this country who have enriched my life.  Some I communicate with regularly, some I have had the blessing to meet in person, and others who probably don't even know that I exist (but I feel that I know them personally!)  

I watched some succeed professionally: books have been published, businesses have been created and products have been designed.  It is so exciting to walk into a book store, see a book and think "I know this blogger", or to walk into the hardware store and recognize a brand name as a blogger I used to follow!

There were many times I found myself feeling like I could never be good enough, rich enough, smart enough, happy enough, skinny enough, cute enough, clever enough, or creative enough.

So, I simply unfollowed.

I hope that my posts never made my readers feel that way!

 Blogging has certainly changed in the 10 years.  I have stopped following many due to the fact that numerous "ads" pop up, other pop ups ask you to sign up for their email list, others do not return to visit my blog (which used to be a courtesy) and some are not as "positive"  or enjoyable as they used to be.  

Recently Link Parties seem to be used only to "drive" traffic and not to create connections or friendships.  A few bloggers "fell off the face of the earth" and some pulled the wool over my eyes and cheated me.

I learned to make wreaths from the pages of a paper back book, I glued glass bowls onto candlesticks to make pedestal serving pieces, I covered lampshades with fabric, I used tutorials to learn how to paint MacKenzie-Childs black and white checks, I tried many decorating styles and so on.  I was inspired by many!

I just don't seem to have the time to read as many blogs as I used to and I have lost touch with many.

My point to this is to share what happened recently. 

 My husband and I took a trip to Virginia from NY. to see our daughter and SIL who recently moved outside Washington, DC.  While traveling on a back road, in VA, not far from the Maryland border and the Potomac River, we came to a red light.  A large building sign caught my attention: LUCKETTS. 

How did I know that name?  

And slowly it came to me.....

Marion from Miss Mustard Seed had a booth there and I watched her business grow as I followed her blog years ago.  I lost touch with her throughout the years, but we had to stop to visit the shop!

After my visit to the store, and for the last 30 minutes of our drive,  I reminisced about my 10 years of blogging and thought about those of whom I lost touch, those who stopped blogging and those who are no longer with us.

I also tried to remember the names of some of the old blogs who were "bookmarked" on my old computer. It was so much fun to reconnect with Miss Mustard Seed's blog, read some of her posts from the last few years and to learn that she moved away from the area and no longer had a booth at Lucketts.  She is someone who probably never knew of me, but certainly had an impact on some of my creative endeavors years ago!

Blogging has been a rewarding 10 years for me and I look forward to many more years of sharing my adventures with you!  It has been a creative outlet, allowing me to share my creativity, everyday adventures and family with you and I appreciate you following along with me!

 Thanks for stopping by!
Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. I started my blog 11 years ago for the same reason: to journal about life and my hobbies and family. I'm glad that blogs like yours still exist - they provide entertainment and inspiration and are just plain fun to read!

  2. Patti, what a nice blog post. I have always wanted to go to Luckett's but have yet to be in their area. You need to check up on Miss Mustard Seed's blog because she has a newer home but has gone from room to room putting her charm and touch and transforming it to awesomeness. I am still a fan of yours! Take Care, Terry

  3. Patti, I started Hyacinths about the same time and for the same reasons. Retired from teaching, a blog gave me a creative outlet, and as my husband used to say, an audience again. I've enjoyed connecting with friends who share like interests. I'm not a a crafty person or a talented artist as you, but I love to write and put together a post on a topic that sparks my interest or imagination. I'm happy we met all those years ago. I value your friendship as I value the friends I've made across the country and internationally with other bloggers. It is amazing! This is a fun post. I'm glad you stopped in at Lucketts! Here's to more years of blogging!

  4. Your trip looked really fun, and I bet you have some great side trips in your future! I have a cousin who lives in Leesburg, and we met up at Lucketts several years ago, but it was April, right before the Lucketts spring market, so we missed MMM. My cousin has booth spaces in Golden Lane Antiques in New Oxford, PA (about 90 min no of Ashburn).
    Patti, I'm so glad I found your blog. Like you, my blog was intended as a journal, mostly of my antiquing ventures with sisters (and to keep the out of town one connected), but the friendships have been so rewarding. I try to look past all the ads of some of the ones I loved following (and still do some), but they are really annoying.

  5. Patti, when I discovered bloggers I was in heaven. I never dreamed I would start a blog but the more blogs I read with similar interests and collecting I decided to try. I never looked back! Like you I've been so fortunate to meet some of my favorite bloggers and I feel some bloggers are dear friends even though never meeting. Wow, how blogging opens up the world! So happy I got to know and meet you dear friend........

  6. So glad you got to stop by the wonderful Lucketts Store! I hope you enjoyed it! :)

  7. What a lovely post. Congrats for 10 years of blogging. You are so right. We have lost some along the way. Blogging is like a journal online. It is a creative outlet to share so much. Keep blogging away my friend. Love your projects and of course your recipes. Happy weekend.

  8. Such a fun post Patti, and so are so right about making friends, gaining knowledge and inspiration, sharing creativity and connecting with others! Blogging and the blogging community has helped me through very rough times and I am go grateful to have blogging as a part of my life...I started blogging to push myself creatively and to share knowledge, and I have learned so much from others that share!! I understand the need to make money, but some blogs are impossible to read and some have very little info, just ads! Thank you for all your MKC love and inspirations, and for being our TTT group leader!

  9. Wanted to come back and say how much I enjoyed this post! (I've been enjoying your email digests for a while but never figured out how to comment on Blogger posts until now...I have to do it via computer.)

    This was really lovely! I have connected to so many lovely people through blogging and while I find it difficult to connect and keep up with everyone, there are definitely "friendships" I have made. People have been very kind and supportive.

    It's difficult (AND time consuming) to put yourself out there, but congratulations on ten years! Really enjoy your site!

  10. Patti I agree completely with all you have said...I started my blog for the same reason in 2013. I agree with Rita and Jenna and the many friendships have been so rewarding. I also try to look past all the ads of some of the ones I have liked following and you are right, many are really annoying. So many of the super bloggers have a team of assistants behind them and defend their ads by saying that is how they are able to bring content to their readers. All power to them but there are still those of us who provide content without all the fall-da-rall and fiddle-dee-dee.
    I have featured your post on our celebrate your story link party. Check it out Monday night at 8 pm when it goes live at

  11. Forgot to add the date...July 29 at Me and My Captain