Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Mackenzie-Childs' new Royal Check....

MacKenzie Childs recently introduced ROYAL CHECK:

A soon as I saw it I hoped it would coordinate with some ceramic pieces I bought years ago at the Christmas Tree Shop on Cape Cod:

A quick setting on the kitchen counter highlights both sets of dishes for  a light dinner of chicken salad and croissants:

We love leftover chicken shredded on garden salad with a light balsamic dressing drizzled over top!

A quick and easy casual dinner served on such pretty dishes!

I love how all of my Mackenzie-Childs dishes coordinate with so many different brand dishes and designs!

Do you like the new Royal Check as much as Courtly Check?

And look how fabulous the blue checks look with yellow:

The Salt and Pepper shakers were from Anthropologie....

...and the salad plates are old macKenzie-Childs Buttercup enamel plates

My Mom purchased the tablecloth in Europe many years ago!

These checked dishes also make a cute stack with my yellow striped ceramic dishes....

...and Buttercup pasta/salad bowls:

All set for a spaghetti dinner with garden salad and warm crusty bread!

Do you enjoy setting the table as much as I do?

Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. LOVE the blue MC checks. I just got the sales magazine with all the new items in it. So beautiful. I love how it coordinates with stuff you already had. Have a great night and eat at that pretty table. xo Diana

  2. Just left a long comment and it disappeared! Grrrr
    I wanted to tell you that these are both lovely. Like you, I like to mix other dishes with my MKC. It makes it fun, and I think that is the idea of setting a pretty table. I do love the new Royal Check, but Courtly will always be my first love.
    The table cloth is from Quimper. Did you mom visit Quimper? Or perhaps she bought the cloth in Paris. Quimper had a beautiful store there for many years.
    Your lunch and dinner choices sound delicious!

  3. Patti, that Royal Check is perfect with all the ceramic collection you have! I don't have blue & white in my decor, but if I did, this would certainly be on my wish list. It's beautiful!

  4. Wow Patti, such a pretty table. The new Royal check is lovely with your other MkC pieces. The menu sounds lovely.

  5. I love this new color from MC. Your settings are gorgeous Patti. Love the yellow, really pops with the Royal. Love your Quippier tablecloth. I didn't know you collected Quippier. Dinner sounds just right.........

  6. Sorry, fingers typing way to fast. I meant to type in above comment Quimper!

  7. Hi Patti! I have been trying to decide whether I should add the Royal Check to my collection or stick with the Courtly Check. I think you have convinced me! I love the way you have combined the blue checks with the old Buttercup (WHY did they discontinue that??) and also with the wonderful tablecloth. Let me just say that no one in MY family would be allowed to eat spaghetti on it! :) :) Linda

  8. Yes, wonderful possibilities with the new royal check, it really looks fantastic with your yellow!!