Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Pizza night in front of the TV...

I found a recipe online for pizza...

...and sadly I can't remember where I found it....but it looked so easy to make...

...that I decided to try it for dinner...

...I was intrigued that the dough was not made with yeast and I had everything in the cupboard/fridge to prepare it... I set the "coffee table" in front of out TV for a "Pizza and Salad" dinner.

I used paper placemats and napkin rings, "pizza plates" (that I have had for over 25 years) and MacKenzie Childs cups for salad.

This is the recipe I used:

The "NO yeast" dough is so easy to stir together...

...and you just pour it into a pan....

 I followed the directions to a "T"....

...and was pleasantly surprised!  I prefer a thin crust pizza!

I will be making this again, rather than buying a frozen pizza!


  1. Looks yummy! I like a slice of pizza now and then. This is a great idea. I'm printing off the recipe.
    Happy first day of spring!

  2. Oh- that looks good. My friend made pizza using a cauliflower crust the other a fan...but I am going to save your recipe. lol xo Diana

  3. Joe makes pizza on the grill which is our favorite pizza to make at home, but this would be great for a Scoots weekend. I'll surprise the girls sometime.

  4. Patti, I saved this. It looks really good, and we like thin pizza crust too. You make tv dining look really cute!

  5. Wow, that sure is easy! Love thin pizza crust! I will pass this along to my pizza chef!

  6. Definitely making this when kids come. Thanks! Such a cute post!!

  7. I only once made my own pizza and it wasn't too good. This recipe for the crust look very easy to make. :)

  8. Patti, this looks easy and delicious. I think I'll try it!

  9. Wow, I'm intrigued! I want to try this recipe. We have a pizza night occasionally.


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Thanks for stopping by!