Sunday, February 24, 2019

Setting the table with Susan Branch and MacKenzie-Childs....

As you might know, I am a fan of Susan Branch's artwork and books.  You might also remember when I "stalked" her (HERE) and my favorite summer cocktail of hers (HERE).  

Well, I am also a fan of her calendars - and I save them (Marie Kondo help me!)

I use them as placemats!  Why toss away such pretty prints?

All of the watercolor prints coordinate well with my MacKenzie-Childs dishes....

...and they are a way to brighten up a plain table...

...I thought about laminating them, but then I would just be saving 12 a year and I certainly don't need that many.... guests enjoy reading what's on their placemat...

...and it often leads into a discussion about her life and the books she has written...

...I love introducing her to my friends!

The "placemats" show up more so during dessert...

...after I clear away the dinner dishes.

The Mackenzie-Childs berry bowls are perfect for sherbet and ice cream....

...and fruit and side salads.

I just never seem to get photos when the food is served!

I have used the smaller calendar pages for desserts:

They are the perfect size for mini bites or appetizers, too...

...and again, fun to read...

A great idea to "pretty up" a table!

If you are unfamiliar with Susan Branch, go here 

and if you are unfamiliar with MacKenzie-Childs, get out from under that rock and go here!

Do you save pretty calendars from year to year?

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. I have enjoyed the Susan Branch cookbooks and her other books for many years.
    I have enjoyed her book signings too.

  2. Oh yes, I have a drawer full of Susan Branch Calendars. I can't throw them away either. Your idea is very clever and very pretty with your lovely dishes. Before we had our kitchen cabinets painted, I attached her calendar pages inside of each door. ♥

  3. They are a perfect combination for table settings

  4. I love pretty ones and I do save them...Having 12 in my Bunco, I had 12 laminated to use for my 2 parties a year...
    I ordered a calendar with all SHE SHEDS on it and Carol of Art and Sand has her cutie on it...So many beautiful ones..

  5. Great idea, Patti. You know I'm a fan of both Susan Branch and MacKenzie-Childs. I save my calendars too.

  6. What a clever use of old calendars! I have often wanted to keep old calendars to reuse and now I have a perfect use - thank you!

  7. This is such a cool idea!!! What a great decor addition to your dishes!!

  8. How pretty, and such a clever way to keep enjoying the artwork!

  9. I love Susan Branch. Her books are wonderful! I don't think I've ever had one of her calendars. I love the idea of using the calendar pages as placemats and they do work wonderfully with those gorgeous dishes! Hugs!

  10. I would never throw away anything SB. This is a great idea to use calendars. Love your pretty MC dishes and place settings. Your table is a work of art, love it!

  11. Love the pretty place settings! Such a clever way to keep enjoying Susan's artwork!

  12. So cute! Yes they are made for each other! That's what I love about MKC, it's so versatile, and mixes well with so many things! I love the Susan Branch calendar you gave me last year, and yes, I saved it!

  13. Patti, I have framed calendar pages many times and loved them. Using them as placemats is a new and wonderful idea. :)

  14. What a great idea to use the Susan Branch for the placemats. It looks great with the MKC!