Friday, December 7, 2018

My Holiday Mantel...

My Mantel is always a challenge for me to decorate as it is quite deep and the sun beats in through the window.  In the summer everything fades, candles melt and plants wilt!

During the holiday season I decorate it with silver, mercury glass and crystal 
(while drinking hot cocoa from my new Molly Hatch mug)!

It's also a challenge to get a good photo of my mantel....

...but in the sunlight it glistens and in the night the lights reflect off of all the crystal and glass!

The Swarovski Crystal tree is a special collection of yearly issued crystal stars and snow flakes.  This collection began over 20 years ago....

...and this is the 2018 snowflake.  The odd years are stars and the even years are snowflakes!

Battery operated candles are in the mercury glass vases:

The metal trees in the window are from Neiman Marcus and were a brown metal that I spray painted silver:

Silver bifold trees are sitting in front for more reflection:

In the sunlight there are "sparkles" all over the room from the sun and the crystal!  But sadly,  we don't get a lot of sun in Central NY during the winter.

On each side of the mantel are our Christmas stockings that I made quite a few years ago...

...and each year they are filled with lottery tickets, socks and candy!

These are a few I made for gifts in 2012:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

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  1. The view from that window looks like a postcard! Very beautiful mantel and good job on those stockings!

  2. Patti, that looks like the perfect solution for a deep window with all that crystal and glass! I love your stockings too. Very pretty, and picture perfect with the snow.

  3. very pretty and sparkly you have a lovely collection on your mantel. You Christmas stockings are so you.

  4. So pretty Patti, and snow in the background! Your stockings are beautiful, I can't believe you made them!


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Thanks for stopping by!