Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Caramel-Cider Martini....

Here's a delicious martini to serve on Thanksgiving!

It is made simply with Caramel Kissed Vodka and apple cider....

....but the best part is the rim of the glass dipped into caramel...

...after dipping the rim, toss on a few sprinkles to "pretty it up"... is so sweet that it will attract the honey bees....

...and you can also make a batch of these and keep it chilled in the refrigerator!

Martini Glass from Waterford

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  1. OMGOSH--That sounds so good and makes me wish I could drink....can't with the pills I am on. lol Have a great Wednesday, Patti! xo Diana

  2. Another treat from the Queen of Cocktails! I love the MKC bee buzzing around! {I have 2 bees, they are so cute!}

  3. You are having way too much fun creating your special cocktails. I bet the caramel is tasty.

  4. The sprinkles on the edge of the martini glass look like falling leaves. What a pretty idea. What a darling MC bee too - you always have everything MC - lucky gal!

  5. Hi Patti, What a great and I'm sure tasty treat! So pretty too, especially using the bees :)


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Thanks for stopping by!