Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Flat Stanley came to NY.....

Each year a second grader from Ohio sends me a Flat Stanley.

One of the reasons the Flat Stanley Project has become the longest-lasting literacy project is due to the simplicity of the concept.

Students send a Flat Stanley cut out paper boy to a school, a celebrity, a family member, a politician or anyone of interest and the recipient returns the little flat boy along with a completed journal and perhaps some souvenirs such as post cards, photos, or special items.

Flat Stanley and I ventured out around town and took some photos...

...and Flat Stanley and I went shopping and bought this sweet second grade girl a few little gifts...

...and he even got to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap!

I made a booklet out of all of the photos and wrapped the gifts and sent it back to Ohio, along with Flat Stanley!

In years past the Flat Stanleys who have visited me have gone on airplanes, visited Cape Cod, blew away from me in Boston (but was retrieved), and even went to the Syracuse Univ. Carrier Dome.  

It's always fun to have him come and visit, and to help a young student who is learning to connect literacy with geography!

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  1. OMG... too funny. I remember those days. Have a good week.

  2. I love this!!!! One of my girlfriends from WA state has one of these and to this day she still takes him around on her travels. But oh my...I think her Stanley may be learning WAY more than just geography...if ya know what I mean!!
    That lil girl will be so excited to receive her pkg from you!

  3. This is absolutely one of the best things I've read this morning, Patti. Your 2nd grader is going to have so much fun when she gets Flat Stanley back. The Easter bunny one is my favorite, lol.

  4. I just love this fun and informative, too.
    Love to you, Sweet Patti

  5. p.s. i LOVE your new header

  6. Love this! I have heard of Flat Stanley but didn't know you could have him visit you personally. What fun!

  7. Such a darling idea. Love the Easter bunny.

  8. This is such a cute idea. The same idea was applied to travel for a school project locally about places you go and was a huge hit. Love your Flat Stanley.


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