Thursday, January 11, 2018

Winter White...

The decorations are put away, the house is clean and bright, and I have pulled out a lot of "white":

I LOVE Milk Glass.

Fenton Hobnail, Westmoreland dishware, the Indiana Grape pattern, Imperial bowls, Fostoria fruit dishes and so on....

....There is something about it that reminds me of my past...

....I have a variety of pieces, 24 dinner plates, enough for the family dinners....

...and a few special pieces, some were from my home growing up.... these dessert dishes...

....and some I have had since my first apartment, many years ago...

...some I purchased in thrift stores...

...and some I have collected for years, like six of these hens, which are perfect for soups, stews and chicken salad...

...the detail on milk glass is so pretty...

...and all of it makes for a cute table setting for lunch...

...the white Luminara candles brighten up the coffee table at night...

...a cute gifted initial plate brightens up an end table...

...a white topiary cheers up the kitchen table...

...and the white books are ready to bring on the next season!

AND we even have lots of snow outside to match my decor!

Do you collect milk glass?  I'd love to see your collection!

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  1. Love your winter white Patti. I have a few pieces of the white milk glass too. It is always just so elegant with anything you put with it. Happy New Year. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  2. Your winter whites are dreamy, Patti! I just bought a large hobnail pedestal vase for $1 at the thrift store. I can't wait to fill it up. You've inspired me to do that very soon.

  3. I love all your whites, Patti. I don't collect milk glass but with Fenton hdqtrs here in WV until they closed in 2011, it has always been readily available in our area at estate sales and our antique mall (less so now). I do have a couple pieces in the silver crest milk glass. I like to use it from Christmas through Easter. I love your dessert dishes.

  4. I love milk glass, but sadly I don't collect it. I think it looks pretty in your home especially for winter!

  5. I remember when I was very young, like 18 years old liking milk glass
    I have my Mothers's Fenton hobnail covered candy dish she got it in 1958
    I have it in with my blue white dishes

  6. Patti, I enjoy seeing your pretty milk glass. I've long admired your individual nesting hens. My mother had a beautiful collection of milk glass, so I grew up with it in our home. Mother had much of her pieces on display in a built-in open shelf cabinet in our kitchen. It always looked fresh and clean, and I have fond memories of each of the different pieces. My darling niece who is the mother of Annabelle and Emily has the collection now. It was what she selected when my mother sold her home and downsized when she was 90. It's heartwarming for me to see my neices appreciate things that had belonged to my mother. I have fewer and fewer things from mother because I keep giving things to the girls. They are all at the age where they are building their own nests. It's fun when they want something.

  7. I don't collect milk glass but seeing all this brought back so many memories of my childhood. My Mom had many of these pieces and I'm not sure what happened to them. Lovely post!

  8. Your milk glass is so pretty! All of your little spots are perfect for this time of year too. I remember my granny having pieces of it. We have been going through lots of family things that have been packed for eons. My hubby was talking about white pieces and I got excited. Can't wait to see what they are!! :)

  9. Your collection of white is so pretty, perfect for winter or any time of year~ I love the simplicity of January and getting things back in order...I am enjoying my Susan Branch calendar so much!

  10. Your collection of milk glass is lovely and I think so perfect for this time of year. Love how you've displayed in all of your pretty vignettes.

  11. Very pretty Patti. I don’t own any milk glass. I can still admire yours. You always create such lovely vignettes. Have a great weekend.

  12. Love your milk glass and how you have used it, very pretty. I have a few pieces but sold most of my collection when we sold our home in New Hampshire and downsized and came to Florida.

  13. Everything looks so pretty. I love the milk glass. Enjoy your week.


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