Monday, July 24, 2017

Another fun MacKenzie-Childs Barn Sale....and more...

The last day of the Barn Sale began with a little drizzle at 8:00, but it didn't last long....

We chatted with some others who were as excited as we were...

...and we enjoyed the grounds... the line moved swiftly... begin the hunt for treasures...

...I continued my annual (sometimes semi-annual) tradition of taking a pic with Justin, from NYC ...

...and I met my Instagram friend, Susan...

...we peeked in the retail store and toured the Farmhouse...

 ...and then drove through Aurora to have lunch at the Pumpkin Hill Bistro.

We enjoyed the breeze from the lake on the outside patio...

...and delish spinach salads with chicken, walnuts, apples, cheese and bacon...

... and their pretty flower garden was in full bloom with lilies, foxgloves, coneflowers, hydrangeas and many more beautiful flowers...

...we then drove to Kings Ferry to "Ferry Tales"

....where Katie found a HUGE trunk to buy

...which meant emptying out all the Barn Sale bags, putting the trunk in - only to realize we couldn't open the trunk to put the bags inside - so the trunk came back out, the bags went inside and then the filled trunk went back into the car...and more bags were squished around it!!!

After all that hard work of shopping we drove to Skaneateles to the Patisserie for some breads and sweet treats!

A perfect ending of a fun filled day!

Here are a few pics of my favorite treasures from the Barn Sale:

Chandy shades....

...large serving tray, cocktail glasses, and 4 flower market luncheon plates...

...a casserbole...

...and a bag of stuff I haven't even unwrapped yet!

A few things I probably didn't need but I am fortunate that I get to treat myself each summer at the Barn Sale!

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  1. Love all your purchases, and that tray is so versatile. Chandy looks great! Every Barn Sale is an adventure, and this year was a lot of fun for us! We changed things up a bit, went on Thursday afternoon at 2:00, met new friends from IG, and had the most perfect evening at Aurora Inn for dinner. Glad you got to meet Susan. You both look great!

  2. Love the shades. What a fun day! We want to go again next year. Fun photos and post!

  3. So envious but always enjoy the post so I can dream!

  4. Oh my gosh what a perfect day - everything I LOVE and how I love to do it. MKC, shopping, gardens, antiquing and eating!!
    Patti, I really love those candy shades. Who am I kidding? It's all great, even the stuff I haven't seen! Another successful barn sale.

  5. Patti, you can see the joy in your faces. What a fun day with friends - sale shopping, gorgeous gardens, delicious food, and I like the way Katie thinks. I'm a total nester, so I love seeing the younger generation buying things for their home when they are out shopping. The trunk was a great purchase, so handy for many things. Love the things you bought at the sale. The mini shades are great, and you are going to love that big tray!

  6. What a fun day out! I have never been to the sale but I just love the Patissere in Skaneateles. You found some great things at the sale! Someday I will get there as it is pretty close to me.

  7. Wow, Patti looks like a wonderful day you had! Such a lovely place to shop and have lunch. I love all your goodies, especially the tray.

  8. Oh, how fun to treat yourself to something that brings you such joy.

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