Saturday, March 18, 2017


Watercolor, or Aquarelle, has always been my favorite art medium, and it is a tricky one to master!

I am drawn to it and unfortunately, even after some art classes, I haven't mastered the skill!

So, instead, I purchase it!!

Jenna @ The Painted Apron has beautiful pillows for sale on Society 6.  

It really brightens up my little reading corner: 

Another one of my favorite watercolorist is Susan Branch....

and I just got lucky and found another on of her books, published years ago - with 2 engaged daughters, this will come in handy:

Another Cape Cod artist whose work I love is Robert Kennedy:

I have been a collector of his art for quite a while...

Grant Dolge is a local artist....

...and this was painted for me by another local artist, Shelly Truitt, over 36 years ago...

Angie Strauss, from Niagara on the Lake, is also another one of my favorites...

...and when I travel I like to pick up local artwork...

...for my "travel gallery wall"... the guest room

So what do I do because I can't master this style of painting?

I use an app!

So, now I wonder....If I took the photo, and used the app, can I now consider myself a watercolorist?

Do you enjoy a special medium of art?

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  1. Patti, I admire Jenna's beautiful, colorful work. Love the way your vase of flowers mimics the pretty pillow of Jenna's work. And you know, I'm a Susan Branch fan. Glad you found that book!
    The only way I can watercolor is with my Waterlogue app. '-)

  2. Hey, I'll go along with your artistic licensing of being a watercolorist! I purchased that same pillow cover by Jenna, love it. You have a great assortment of art collected there, Patti.

  3. Patti... I am a big fan of Jenna's work and positively love the pillow. I love all your art. So pretty and yes, I do consider you an artist of your own medium. Have a great weekend.

  4. Patti, I enjoy buying art on vacations as well. You have some lovely pieces. Your app certainly makes beautiful art work. I must download it. Happy to see your SB collection. Your daughters are going to enjoy those gifts. ♥

  5. Patti, I love all of Jenna's watercolors. She really is a talented artist. You have such an amazing collection of art work from your travels. I have several watercolor apps, the only way for me to do watercolor! Have a wonderful Sunday.

  6. Oh Pattie! What a surprise to open your post and see my pillow! I am thrilled you love it and I am honored to be part of your favorite watercolor collection. I love sweet Susan Branch, and must treat myself to one of her books, I love her artwork, and have been trying to start a daily journal. Two weddings, oh goodness, you are a busy woman! Yes, you are an artist, you see and create many beautiful things. I love the watercolor apps too, and often use them to help me plan my paintings as well as have fun with photos. Have a great week, you have surely made mine :)

  7. I am a collector of Jenna's watercolors, and have the greeting cards in that same pattern as your pillow! Jenna is a talented artist, and her paintings are so colorful and uplifting!

  8. I just love watercolor and you have such a nice collection. I really want to learn how to use that watercolor app!


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