Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Hotel Syracuse has re-opened as a Marriot

Originally known as the Hotel Syracuse, this property was considered to be the largest and most prestigious hotel in Syracuse, NY for nearly 90 years. It was built from 1922-1924 by architect George B. Post and Sons and the doors officially opened to the public in August 1924.
It was a magnificent structure consisting of three towers connected to a base. It housed over 600 guest rooms that featured only one or two double beds and a small bathroom. The hotel also included retail stores at street level, an emergency hospital and tennis, squash and handball courts on the roof. It was truly a unique structure during its time.

After years of sitting empty, this slowly decaying hotel has been restored by the Marriot Corp.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating pieces of history at this Syracuse hotel, is the 40-foot by 6-foot mural depicting 20 key events during the first 100 years of Syracuse’s history, including the discovery of salt springs near the shore of Onondaga Lake, the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy and the rescue of a slave named William “Jerry” Henry from the Syracuse Jail in 1851, just before the Civil War.  The mural was recovered from under a wall of mirrors:

Does anyone send snail mail while vacationing anymore? This brass mailbox still sits by the elevators:

A display in the lobby highlights old stores that no longer exist....

...Addis, Dey Brothers, Flahs...

Marble statues have been restored....

and marble checked floors have been shined up!:

Last weekend, My Mom and I attended a Fashion Show to celebrate the end of Fashion week and to raise funds for the local Food Bank.

The Show was held in the Persian Terrace Room....

...where many celebrations and functions were held for many years.  The chandeliers have been restored back to their beauty, and the faux painted ceiling is so elegant:

The Fashion Show highlighted local designers...

...and boutiques...

...with professional models.

Brunch was served with Mimosas and Bloody Marys!

The Grand Ballroom is on the 10th floor - the original ceiling has been restored back to the "clouds":

It is nice to see that the Marriot has brought this historic building back to life, as well as sparking many memories for long time Syracuse residents!

If you need a hotel room in Syracuse, you might want to consider staying here!

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  1. Looks like a fabulous hotel! Wow, those are some outfits in the fashion show. I can just picture myself showing up in church in one of those get-ups! Have a great week, dear Patti!

  2. How wonderful that Marriott restored rather than destroyed and rebuilt! Magnificent details! I love that ballroom ceiling!


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