Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Traveling Tote #8

It has been a very busy, but fun-filled 3 months for us!

In June my husband and I took a cruise to Alaska, with stops in Juneau, Ketchikan, Skagway and Victoria, BC.  It was a fabulous vacation!

Our trip began and ended in Seattle, visiting the Public Market, The Space Needle, Chihuly Garden and a few wineries in Redmond.

You might be frightened to be face to face with a wild bear, however they were quite friendly and willing to be photographed:

In Skagway, the frontiersmen sported a bag, just like mine.  I am sure they filled it with gold from the Yukon!

The 4th of July weekend was spent celebrating Carter's Magician birthday in Ohio, walking downtown to see the street chalk drawings, the Clipper's game, and watching fireworks!

We also had dinner in Columbus and prayed away the rain before the Clipper's game

A fun July day was spent at Niagara Falls, Canada, dining at Elements, overlooking the Falls:

The Hill Cumorah Pageant was held in mid July.  You can read my post about it here:

We spent a week on Cape Cod - on Snake Pond in Sandwich - perfect weather every day!:

The Mackenzie-Childs Barn Sale was also in July.  Six of us had a great time shopping for the perfect treasures!!

Justin from the NYC store                                    Janine and I getting ready to shop

At the end of July, I spent a few days in Saratoga Springs:

It is a quaint town north of Albany, NY's capital.  There is a race track in this town and there are statues of horses all around. 

This jockey tried to swipe my purse - but I distracted him with my beauty and grabbed it out of his hand!

I am not quite sure how they were able to paint such a close, sexy image of me, but this horse sits in the center of town:

The Museum of Dance is also in Saratoga - and out front are dancers in "the 3rd position",  another thief I was able to catch:

My new purse is made out of the "cosmetic bag": 
I like the idea of having something unique so the cobbler and I created this perfect crossover bag.

Our 36th wedding anniversary in August was spent at the Sunflower Field, Anyela Winery and the Sherwood Inn on Skaneateles Lake.  For 36 years, we have spent our anniversary "on the water" -  from the Caribbean, the Atlantic, the Pacific and many ponds, lakes and rivers in between!

We enjoyed Bloody Marys at the Blue Water Grill before our anniversary dinner at The Sherwood Inn on Skaneateles Lake:

And I should probably introduce my new traveling bag, which will get a lot of use:

And now I am off to work in Albany for a few days.  I love the idea of having matching bags - easy to locate and they make traveling even more fun....

Check out the Mackenzie-Childs website - some of the bags are on sale!
And remember, you can join our Traveling Tote Tribe if you have one!!

We will offer a Mackenzie-Childs giveaway with our next 5 posts, each time with a different host!  
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Happy travels!

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  1. Patti, your bag collection is TDF! I must say, your travel itinerary is also. You've traveled so many great places, if summer were any longer, it's hard telling where you'd go! The Alaskan cruise/Seattle trip remains high on my bucket list, but the tucked away places (like the dance museum in Saratoga Springs) fascinates me too. I would love to see that. 3rd position never looked so good as with your tote!
    Thank you for sharing, thank you for leading our tribe! Travel on!

  2. Patti (captain of our tribe) :) , You have been all over the US from coast to coast this summer! We also had our 36th in July, celebrated on the Cape of course! I love how brave you are to let all these statues and bears hold your tote. And that new bag duffel is also in my closet! I used it last weekend and it was perfect. Did you know a huge Chihuly exhibit is coming to NY Botanical Gardens soon? We should all go! Linda

  3. Such a great bag collection Patti. I'm sure they all came in handy with all your travels this summer. We wanted to get to Alaska last fall when we were in Seattle but didn't have time, another trip maybe. What a great summer, enjoyed all of your travel photos. Great post Patti...........

  4. Patti, you and the bags have had an amazing summer. I love it that they each get special attention on these trips. Susan Branch doesn't have anything on you and your checkered girls. You've traveled from sea to shining sea and back again too. I think you should do a collage of all the wildlife that tote these totes. McK-C should us it as an ad.

  5. What a summer we have had! I loved the Barn Sale too...ha ha! Your trips look wonderful and all with beautiful scenery. I enjoyed seeing your growing collection of bags!

  6. Patti you and your tote are such seasoned travelers! My hubby just asked me the other day did I want to go on a cruise and I told home,"Only the Alaskan one!". He is feeling very Caribbean so maybe I get to do Alaska next year. I love your new bag! It makes such a pretty set!
    PS What did you buy at the MC barn sale?

  7. You have practically covered the globe this summer with your traveling totes Patti! I especially loved how you used your beauty to distract all those purse theives! I always want a tote whenever I read the tribe's adventures, so much fun!

  8. My but you have had a wonderful summer of traveling. Everyone that I know that has been on an Alaska cruise has loved it…I'm glad you did too. Love how creative you were with the crossover bag. Great idea!

  9. I love these traveling tote posts. I am putting the MC sale on my bucket list for next year. Enjoy your week.


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