Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My herbs are out of control....

So I cut it back, washed it....

...and hung it in the laundry room to dry:

I also cut back the chives....

....washed it and cut it up...

...and microwaved it for a few minutes to dry it out...

...til it was nice and crispy:

I also froze some in a zip bag!

Now onto the Basil and Parsley!!

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  1. Very nice! Enjoy your bounty:@)

  2. And you don't think you have a green thumb! ;-)

  3. Patti, My mint actually took over a garden bench! Sounds like your oregano could do the same! Linda

  4. Wow, Patti, no more sayinG you have a black thumb!

  5. Wow, impressive crop there! :) They'll be great flavoring! ~Rhonda

  6. You do have a green thumb and you will know it when you are enjoying those herbs this winter!
    Enjoy your weekend……...

  7. Oh, my goodness...these are all wonderful...I've never tried to grow herbs but would love to try. Is it too late this summer to plant a herb garden?
    maybe I could do some in pots and start them in the greenhouse..?


Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!