Monday, January 18, 2016

Tea and the Snow....

We finally got some snow and when a friend stopped by.....

...a cup of tea was what we needed to take off the chill...


...we had about 13", which really isn't a lot for central NY... we sat in the living room, near the window...

...watching the flurries dance in the air, drinking Rooibos tea...

...and eating some of those tea cakes I made the other day...

...they were pretty, but I won't be making them again!

The next day my husband and I went out to play in the snow and made this:

 And then this happened:

More snow is on its way today!

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  1. Stay warm and cozy! Days like this when one really appreciates retirement. '-)
    Love the stacked teapot with creamer and sugar. I gave one of these to a friend the first year they came out. Wishing I had one in my cabinets. They they are retired. ;-(

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Dear Patti:
    What lovely snow you got and your snowheart sure is darling! I love all your fun tea items and glad you shared your teacakes!

  3. Hi Patti! I love your MC tea kettle and your stacked tea set. What a nice tea to share with a friend.
    How fun for you and your hubby to play in the snow!

  4. Love your checkerboard tea setting!

  5. You have such fun tea ware! The perfect patterns to liven up a winter day. Thanks for sharing your snow heart too. Visiting from Martha's Favorites.


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Thanks for stopping by!