Wednesday, October 7, 2015

SOUP and The Great New York State Fair

One of my favorite things about fall is having a cup of hot soup.  A few weeks ago, I worked at the NY State Fair and I bought a few packages of soup mixes from Amelia's Chowda Shack.

Their booth was directly across from the booth where I worked .

This week I tried the Tortilla Soup.  All I had to add was a shredded chicken breast, water and a can of diced tomatoes:

I pulled out a jar of soup crackers and put some rolls in the oven... the soup simmered on the stove top!

A quick and easy dinner - I rated it 5 Stars!

It was YUMMY!

One of my favorite things at the Fair is the SAND SCULPTURE.  It is in the Center of Progress building, the same building in which I work each year.

The sculptor works on this throughout the 10 days...

...and each day more and more... revealed...

...until the end of the Fair!

The Fair ends, school begins, fall arrives, and I eat soup!!


  1. We eat a lot of soup in the fall, too. That one sounds good! Aren't those sand sculptures just amazing? We saw a whole show of them in FL several years and it was jaw-dropping. Have a great Wednesday. xo Diana

  2. The sand sculpture is always a big hit with my family. Your soup and rolls sound wonderful!

  3. What a fun event! Have to say that soup is a favorite meal around here. Quick, easy, and healthy.
    Those rolls look yummy!

  4. I could eat soup everyday in the fall. =) That fair looks like fun.



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Thanks for stopping by!