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Tales of the Traveling Tote - Places I've Been -

Welcome to Part 2 of the "Tales of the Traveling Tote".
Debbie from Mountain Breaths chose the theme "Places I Have Been" for this edition.  If you would like to read about how this series began, read about it HERE, and HERE is the first post.

Information regarding a special giveaway is at the end of this post!

And if you want to travel along with us, you can buy a tote HERE!

Since our last post in June, these are the places Miss Kenzie and I have been:

The end of June we traveled to Rochester for a busy day: We had a baby shower brunch, and a birthday celebration for Carter, my grandson, who turned 6…so Miss Kenzie held some paper goods, homemade canned pickles, beets and relish, and plasticware:

In between both events my sister in law and I stopped off at "The Shops at West Ridge" and Parkleigh's new MacKenzie-Childs store.  It was a grey and gloomy day, so a perfect day to buy "Miss Kenzie and Taylor" a matching umbrella:

The 4th of July brought us to Lake Ontario for happy hour:

I am not one to ever forget a bottle to share….

…plastic wine glasses, dishes, napkins, silverware and snacks in a M-C tin:

Fourth of July dinner was at Rudy's in Oswego on Lake Ontario:

It was a hazy day and the water was quite calm!  A fun day by Lake Ontario!

One of the main roads in our town leads to Oneida Lake, a large lake in central NY….

…where there are beaches, parks, camping grounds, a golf course, and boating…..

There is a gazebo and floating dock and park benches...

…and one of our favorite restaurants!

Here is Miss Kenzie's first shadow pic!!

July 11 and 12
Mid July Mom and I spent a weekend in New York City.  This is something that she has been wanting to do since she moved up here from Florida a year ago! 

We took the bus to Manhattan and stayed in Times Square.

We toured the city by bus and then walked to Tiffany's, Rockefeller Center, and of course, MacKenzie-Childs (I spy Christabel!):

Lucky me!!

We also had "happy hour" at The Baccarat Hotel - my favorite decor colors- check out the floor

Miss Kenzie was, once again, shoved in the overhead compartment:

July 19

The yearly Barn Sale in Aurora, NY is only and hour away from my home and is always an exciting event!  I added a few little pieces to match my Traveling Tote.  The bracelet has been on my wish list and they were out of stock in the Manhattan store last week - Lucky me, I got it here on sale!  The wristlet was an impulsive purchase!!

And here is my favorite MC sales man, all the way from the NYC store, just here to work at the Barn Sale!

If you are in the Manhattan store, ask for Justin!!

July 23-28
My daughter, Sara lives in Ohio and we traveled out there to see her...

…and to spend time with our grandson, Carter….

…who kept us quite busy for 5 days!

I just love the center of town - I always feel like I have walked back into time.  There was an antique car show taking place and all the antique stores and gift shops were open!

On the way home we drove over the Rainbow Bridge, into Canada, to have dinner overlooking Niagara Falls:

The tote was too heavy to carry around this busy tourist area, so I carried my new wristlet and left Miss Kenzie in the car!

We had dinner and drinks overlooking the Falls, stopped at the Duty Free Shop for some wine and liquor, and then drove home!

My tote, purse, wristlet and I have been quite busy this summer - and August will bring us to Cape Cod for 2 weeks as well as to Atlantic City on the Jersey Shore!  

Thanks for traveling along with me!

Ohhh, How I would love one in every color!!

Join us on Sept 15, Oct 30 and Dec 15 for our future posts of the Tales of the Traveling Tote!

If you have a Mackenzie-Childs tote or bag and would like to join in on the fun, contact me, the more the merrier!  

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The Voyage of Life, painted by Thomas Cole in 1842, is a series of paintings that represent an allegory of the four stages of human life: childhood, youth, manhood, and old age. The paintings follow a voyager who travels in a boat on a river through the mid-19th-century American wilderness. In each painting, accompanied by a guardian angel, the voyager rides the boat on the River of Life. The landscape, corresponding to the seasons of the year, plays a major role in telling the story. In each picture, the boat's direction of travel is reversed from the previous picture. In childhood, the infant glides from a dark cave into a rich, green landscape. As a youth, the boy takes control of the boat and aims for a shining castle in the sky. In manhood, the adult relies on prayer and religious faith to sustain him through rough waters and a threatening landscape. Finally, the man becomes old and the angel guides him to heaven across the waters of eternity.
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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

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  1. Patti, what fun to see your escapes through the "eyes" of your travelin tote! I think we are having way too much fun with our totes. Looking forward to your August adventures and I'm sure your favorite MC sales man is too ;o)

  2. Hi Patti! You and Miss Kenzie really do get around! Happy B'day to your grandson. Your daughter's town sounds so interesting. I haven't been to Niagara Falls since I was very little and a bee stung me! That's what I remember, along with the tremendous sound that the water makes as it flows down! :) I must go back now and see more! I've been thinking about the umbrella too, as it would be the perfect little accessory for my Miss Rosie. I'm looking forward to hearing about your travels to the Cape! Linda

  3. Patti, looks like Miss Kenzie is on the move this summer. I love that you've added a few "cousins" to keep her company. I've been eyeing that wristlet. It's the perfect bag for buzzing around town. I have the umbrella to slip into Miss CC, but I want the bumbershoot. If our fall is as wet as our spring was, I will need it!
    Niagara Falls is on my travel list, and Cape Cod is always on my list. Love, love, love the Cape and Nantucket.
    I know Carter had a special five days with his grands in town. He is adorable! Happy Birthday, Carter!

  4. Patti, what fun it is getting to know you through the traveling totes! My mother was born in Rochester, and my husband & I just took a trip up through Niagara, Rochester, Montreal, Quebec, and back down through Maine last fall. It's so fun seeing your travels. Although I have not been to Delaware, I have shopped in Westerville, and traveled for work in Dublin, and of course, Springfield is not too far away from there, where my Panoply sisters & I have shopped numerous times.
    I look forward to getting to know you better in the coming adventures, and as I read more of your past posts!

  5. I saw Christabel! :) Life goals: go to the Mackenzie-Childs store in NYC, and also Niagra Falls! How beautiful! You've had such a fun past month-- I've never thought of visiting Lake Ontario before, but your pictures are very convincing! I'm so happy to see the places Miss Kenzie has been, and excited to see where she'll go between now and September!

  6. You have some wonderful accessories to travel with your tote Patti! I don't know what I'd do if I visited an actual McK-Chds store, probably faint, then wake up and spend a fortune! Sounds like you're having a great summer!

  7. Lake Ontario seems like an amazing destination, Patti!