Thursday, November 6, 2014

Basil Salt

I thought my basil plant was dying, BUT I brought it into the house and it came back to life!  I have already dried a lot of the herbs so I decided to make some flavored salt.

I used sea salt and basil, the same measurement of both, 1/2 c. of each:

I  used my little food chopper to grind up the salt and basil...

….until it looked like this:

It will be moist… it has to be spread out on parchment paper on a cookie sheet:

The oven was preheated to 275'

After 10 minutes it will look like this, so toss it around a bit and bake for 10 more minutes.

When it cools, it has to ground up again on the food grinder:

And here is what the basil salt will look like:

It makes a perfect little gift when stored in a pretty jar...

…or even in a little bag:

Basil salt is a perfect "finishing" salt for Caprese Salad, pasta or Marguerita Pizza.  It can add a nice flavor to a Bloody Mary if you "rim" the glass with it!

The same recipe can be used for Oregano Salt, Chive salt or Garlic Salt.  Experiment on your own and you might even come up with your own creation!
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  1. Sounds yummy! Thanks for including a bit of MC Checks in the pics, they are yummy also! Vicki in Louisville KY.


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