Monday, August 18, 2014

2014 Blogland Tour

A few weeks ago, Deb, from Mountain Breaths invited me to participate in the Blogland Tour.  Last week she highlighted 2 bloggers and shared some tidbits about her life and asked me to do the same.  Somewhat like a chain letter, I invited 2 bloggers that are new to me: Poppy from With a Dash of Color and Jennifer from Beeutiful By Design.  On August 25th they will answer the same questions I have answered below, so stop by to meet some new friends!

Poppy has a flair for creating lovely vignettes and blending elements from nature with every day items. Her tablescapes are so beautiful and inviting, my favorite being the "Autumn Table for Two".  Jennifer can set a beautiful table, too.  A table that would make you want to sit and chat with friends at for hours!  She has a wonderful collection of milk glass (I would like to swipe a few pieces, especially the water pitcher!)  Please visit their blogs and stop by next Monday to see who they will introduce us to!

What am I working on right now?
 I am painting a few pieces of furniture to sell at a local gift shop. I have just discovered a new type of paint, similar to Annie Sloan Chalk paint, that can be purchased in 8 oz jars.  The colors are similar and the paint adheres in the same manner.  I plan to "blog" about it soon!  I am also beginning to gather ideas for Christmas gifts I can make for friends and neighbors.  I am working on a small redecorating project in my living room and also helping my daughter with decorating and furnishing her new home.  I stop in the local thrift shops once a week to hunt for small pieces of furniture that need a "new life"!

How does my work differ from others in this genre?

    My work differs a bit in that I like to add a little black and white to most of the items I paint.  Most artists in my area are using chalk paint to makeover old pieces of furniture, but do not add any more embellishments to the piece.  I like to take it a step further by adding harlequin diamonds, checks, flowers, etc.  I like to pay attention to detail in all aspects of life and that carries over in my work.

Why do I write / create what I do?

 Blogging began as a journal activity for me.  I wanted a way to record happenings in my life, my ideas, vacations, craft and decorating ventures and a little about my family.   I have always been a creative person and it has been a great personal outlet for me.  Creating takes me into my own "little world" and can help me to relax, think, and reflect.  Writing my blog has given me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people from all around the world.  I love the fact that we all share our ideas, projects, travels, and we even get to peek into each other's homes and lives!  I don't have a lot of "creative" friends around me and this outlet of blogging keeps me inspired all the time!

How does your writing process actually work?

  Often my photographs lead my writing.  I love to take photos of everything, they are not great photos, but it is a way to document my life and memories.  I have a laptop and each evening it is on my lap!!  While watching TV I am searching blogs, writing my posts, hunting for recipes and "pinning".  I am a multi-tasker at its best.  I rarely can be found doing ONE thing at a time.  I often write numerous posts at a time and pre-schedule them for publication.  I don't consider my writing to be exceptional by any means and my personal blogging rule is to make it "short and sweet".  

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Patti @ Pandoras Box
Patti @ Pandoras Box

I live in central NY and I am a retired family and consumer science teacher. I enjoy all types of crafting, decorating and cooking


  1. I'm a big fan of your black and white painting embellishments, Patti! I'm glad to read that I am not the only one that plans out posts. I find it easier and less anxiety producing to plan posts in advance.

  2. OK, Patti girl...I have been searching for a large black and white area rug and I see one in your photo here. Could you tell me where you got it.?
    I loved reading your blog tour. I did one, too, but, as always, I couldn't keep it short and sweet..I am too long-winded, I guess. :)

  3. ...back to say that you should have an Etsy shop and sell your black and whites to us folks that can't paint a lick. :)

  4. And short, sweet, and VERY informative this was, Patti! I think it's great that you're a super multi-tasker! I used to be, but the aging process is slowing me down a bit. Ye olde brain doesn't work the way it used to!

    It's wonderful that you are able to share your extensive creativity with the world as you do through your blog! Those of us who are creativity-challenged REALLY enjoy it as well as those who are on par with you!!!

  5. Hi Patti, thank you so much for your sweet comment and for inviting me to this fun blogland tour. I am glad to learn more about you and your pretty blog....I am really enjoying browsing through your yummy recipes. Have a wonderful week!~hugs, Poppy