Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I'll Have a "Mr President"....well almost....

Last Sunday I had lunch at Magnolia's Cafe in Rochester, NY.  A few weeks ago, the President stopped there for lunch, surprising everyone in the area.  The local newspaper reported:

Magnolia's on Park Avenue in Rochester is still buzzing after President Barack Obama made a surprise stop there for lunch, "we were just getting inundated with phone calls," explained Brian Palermo of Magnolia's Deli and Cafe, "what did the president eat, people were just walking in off the street saying I want to eat what the president ate."
Now there's a new item on Magnolia's specials board called the Mr. President, "exactly what he ate yesterday," explained Palermo, "grilled cheddar cheese on sourdough bread with a cup of our signature tomato artichoke and cheese soup."

So, I ordered the tomato artichoke and cheese soup, but rather than the grilled cheese, I ordered the BLT.  The soup was fabulous - check out those croutons in the soup!!  
We dined outdoors and it was a fun time with my daughter, sister-in-law and niece!
If you are ever in Rochester, you must stop into Magnolia's and try the soup!

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  1. That sounds fabulous and my mouth is watering! xo Diana

  2. Oh, this soup looks delicious. I've been to Rochester twice. If I'm ever back again, I'l try Magnolia's. '-)

  3. Yummmmmmmy! My 8 year old sent a letter to the President inviting him over for lemonade (p.s. we have NO lemonade stand). Sadly, he only got a generic letter back.


  4. Magnolia's sounds like my kind of place. The soup looks delicious! Cherry Kay


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