Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Swizzle Sticks

My last post brought me many, many emails - bringing back memories of "Swizzle Sticks" to many of my readers.  

These emails prompted me to give the Swizzle Stick its own post!

This is some of my collection from the 70's and early 80's, most collected while in college.

 I had fun going through them today, walking down memory lane and remembering some specific events, and travels during those years.

They are stored in a ziploc bag and when we have a party, I reach in a grab a handful for the bar.

Most are from Massachusetts, where I grew up and went to college:

Richard's was in my home town, Avon, MA

Some places are still around:  Baxters in Hyannis, the 99, and 
The Windjammer, until a few years ago.

A few remind me of hours of "dancing and drinking" and great food: Zelda's in Boston, Liam's and Timothy's Too in Framingham, Marconi's in Ashland, The Merry-Go-Round in Boston, and the Great Gatsby in Park Sq.   The stick from Mildred's Chowder House on the Cape reminds me of the best "chowda" that could ever be found - I was sad to see that close down.

These are from TWA - remember when they also served meals on airplanes?  They don't even pass out the mini bags of pretzels anymore!

Top of the Hub in the Prudential Tower in Boston was always a great place to be at dusk, and Anthony's Pier 4 was a family favorite:

Some are from all over, the yellow one is from our honeymoon and the top blue stick is from the Skylon, a place we still dine in Niagara Falls!

And this is a very special one - it's from our wedding!

Did any stick catch your eye? 
 Many of you said you also have a collection - do you use them?  Thanks for prompting me to pull out this bag and stroll down memory lane, especially looking at the ones from college - "those were the days"!!

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  1. What a fun collection...and one that won't break the bank (I think?) You have some really fun ones! My hubby's grandmom had a big collection of them and her son (my hubby's dad) just tossed them out. Wish I had them- xo Diana

  2. I love the special one from your wedding! You've got me thinking....where did I stash my swizzle sticks?

  3. I'm with Debbie. My favorite is the one from your wedding. Fun collection, Patti.

  4. Wow...great collection! I have some of the same ones as well as a lot from Disney!


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Thanks for stopping by!