Monday, March 11, 2013

A fabulous Caribbean vacation

We just returned home from our Caribbean vacation and we had a wonderful week.  The weather was perfect, the beaches were gorgeous, the cruise ship was smooth and relaxing and the islands were so entertaining.  I took almost 300 photos, and it was difficult to choose only a few to share, but here is a quick review:

We began our trip in Carolina, Isla Verde, Puerto Rico....
 .....the next day we boarded our cruise ship for St Thomas....
....and ferried over to St john....
 ....we continued onto St Lucia (Marigot Bay)....
 ...and saw the Pitons...
...Guadeloupe was the most "colorful" port...
....the madras plaids matched the fruit in the markets....
 ....Antigua, my favorite island, had the prettiest color water....
...the beach in St Croix was so refreshing and relaxing....
...then we returned to Puerto Rico for 2 more days....
...where I couldn't wait to devour a pastalillio.... we flew home late last night, this was our sunset from the plane....

We visited seven islands in 10 days, enjoyed great meals on the ship, drank a few too many Rum Punches, danced like the natives, swam like fishes, sampled every dessert available, met some very interesting people, saw the brightest stars from the bow of the ship, enjoyed the shows each night, bought some island jewels and treasures, and came home so exhausted that we now feel like we need another vacation to just sit and relax!

I will be back to blogging as soon as I unpack, do all the laundry, go grocery shopping, pack away the summer clothes and luggage, and edit and organize all my photos!

Have I missed anything exciting while I was gone?  


  1. Patti-I am so, so jealous I can hardly type!!! xo Diana

  2. Patti, love the way you gave a photo recap of your trip. Very clever. Eager to see more of your 300+ photos and hear about this trip. Rest up and welcome home. We've missed you.........Sarah

  3. Great photo tour, Patti! Thanks for posting! So happy you had a great time on your cruise and in Puerto Rico!


  4. How fun, Patti! I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Beautiful pictures!! I love cruising!

  5. How beautiful! Welcome back. Missed you :-)

  6. Wow Patti...what a wonderful happy for you!
    You missed more snow...lucky!

  7. Welcome home! Sounds like a wonderful vacation and the beaches are beautiful!! Look forward to seeing more pictures.


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Thanks for stopping by!