Friday, February 8, 2013

The Grammy Awards, The Oscars..

The Grammys are on this weekend, and in a few more weeks, the Academy Awards, which brings me to these thoughts.... 

I love awards show.  Especially the Academy Awards, and especially the Pre-Shows.  I should probably be part of the Fashion Police as I actually comment on the fashion OUTLOUD - even though I am often watching the shows by myself.  I am often "FB"ing someone with my immediate thoughts or on the phone screaming something like "what the hell was she thinking?" or "who is her stylist?"

I love the irony:  Kelly Osborne, with lavender hair judging the movie stars hair styles and clothing!  Joan Rivers judging those who have had botox or face lifts!  And so on and so on...

I love all the hoopla.  I have always wanted to have a Oscar party, one that all my friends dress up in formal wear and we would all drink expensive champagne - the problem is:  my circle of friends think I am crazy when I say this.  They are all at home, in sweat pants on the couch, eating popcorn.  They don't even stay up to see the end of the show.  I am sure I would wear a red or salmon color gown.

I love the acceptance speeches.  I wrote mine years ago - not that I have ever considered acting, but just in case I was coerced into starring in a major role, and becoming an overnight success - It is written - and if I say so myself, it has quite a clever opening line.  Many have asked me to share it with them, but then it would not be such a surprise in my moment of glory, so it stays a secret for now.

I love to see the faces of the losers.  Most are so gracious, some stand up to hug the winner, and some give the nod of approval. ME?  NOT ME!  I would be crying rivers of tears, screaming "cheater" out loud, and probably hiding outside the back door after the show to mug my opponent and steal the "golden guy" right out of her hands.

I love to see who the nominees bring as their "date".  I would probably have to bring my co-star, who would most likely be Richard Gere -  my husband would probably stay home to watch a basketball game on TV.

I love to watch the morning talk shows and hear all about the after-parties.  I would probably attend only one party because the Today Show would expect me for an interview at 8 am., then Hoda and Kathie Lee would need me at 9 - Of course they would have to come to me because I would still be out in Hollywood.

I love the Tabloids the week following the Show.  I would be splashed on all the covers, hopefully airbrushed - - errr, sorry,  I mean to say I enjoy seeing all the "best dressed" and the "worst dressed" - and I often agree!

I love the movies.  I haven't seen all of the movies yet, and probably won't see them all, but  I will still have my ballot prepared for all the excitement .    Print your ballot here

I love the statue.  What woman wouldn't want a naked man, made out of gold, sitting in a lovely vignette in their living room?
So, on Sunday, Feb 24, at 6 pm, I will be on the couch anxiously awaiting all the suspense - will you?

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  1. I'll be watching, but I usually fall asleep :-)

  2. I'll be watching too! One year, we had a Oscar themed party. Lots of fun, with great food, voting and prizes.

  3. I usually watch the Oscars because I have seen most of nominated movies, but in the last year I have seen so few movies that this year I likely won't even bother watching. I did see Lincoln, and I have seen The Sessions (not sure but think it's nominated for something), but other than that.......


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Thanks for stopping by!