Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to dry fresh thyme...

Although I hate to garden, I do enjoy planting a small herb garden. Sometimes I am overwhelmed with how big the plants can grow, so I dry the herbs in the microwave.

This is how to dry thyme:

Holding the stem, slide you finger and thumb down from the top to "peel" the leaves off the stem:
Place the leaves on a paper plate:
Scatter the leaves so that they are spread out:
Microwave for a minute, toss them about, and microwave for 30 seconds more:
They are now ready to store in a jar or zip bag:
I collect small jars throughout the year to store my dried herbs. I always have some on hand for hostess gifts or to add to gift baskets.

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  1. Why didn't I think of that! Thank you for sharing this. What a nice easy gift to make. I've got lots of herbs in my flower beds so now I'm on the hunt for cute little bottles! Have a great weekend.


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Thanks for stopping by!