Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Who Do You Believe?

I have StatCounter emailed to me weekly. I review Blogger Stats. I have a counter on the bottom of my page. I have Feedjit. I check monetize.

None of these jive with each other.
As a matter of fact, they vary significantly.

Does it matter?
It does to me. I like to know who is reading my blog. I am curious as to how many visitors I have daily. I want to reciprocate and visit those who also have sites. I am considering using this blog in other ways than I have in the past.

Does anyone pay notice to this?

On a happy note, my cherry tree is finally blossoming!

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  1. I look at blogger I do not have all the other things. I don't care really I want people to come to my site but it will never be anything else than what it is no selling etc.
    Love your cherry tree.

  2. Your cherry tree is beautiful!

    I don't know how to interpret all the various stats, either! The stats that are part of the Blogger interface make it look like I'm getting thousands of page views. I don't think they're accurate, but I have no idea why they're so high, but I like the fact that they show my traffic sources. I finally installed Google Analytics, but I find it a little harder to use. I also have SiteMeter. Just like you, I find that none of these counters match the others! I don't know how bloggers end up attracting sponsors without having trustworthy stats. Of course, I'm not really trying to attract sponsors; I'm happy to be part of BlogHer and I think that's enough for me. But what if I DID want to attract sponsors?? I wouldn't know what to do!

  3. I check my stats once or twice a month through blogger. I would like to know "unique page views", and since they don't specify, I don't know if they are. I had a company ask me about that when I was looking to do a giveaway of one of their products. Drawer paper liner, for Pete's sake, and they wanted to know how many "unique views" I get. It was more time to devote to trying to figure that out than the drawer paper liner was worth! Only company that ever asked me that, too.

    With the new blogger lay-out, what blows me away is that in the area where you check your posts {posted and in draft} it shows you how many comments you have and how many views you've had for that post. I can't believe when I see 299 views and yet there are maybe 20 comments.

  4. I look at Blogger stats, but don't have the other counters installed. I'm surprised at how many page views I have, but few comments. I realize that many don't like to take the time to comment. I have friends who read my blog, and none of them leave comments. I know they are reading because they comment to me about specific things they've read. Creating a post takes time and effort, so it's rewarding to see that it at least gets read. So yes, I do pay attention.

  5. I just look at Blogger stats, but I think that if I was really getting as many views as it says then I would have people commenting or following it. It's a pretty new blog, but I think if their stats were accurate I'd have more activity.


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