Saturday, March 31, 2012

What do you eat for lunch?

I am not a "sandwich" girl .
I prefer "salads".
Especially if someone will make it for me.
But I usually end up having to make it myself.
What is your favorite lunch?
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  1. LOL and I'm more of a sandwich girl, Patti! Of course, on gluten free bread, which is fairly small compared to regular. I usually will have some chips on the side with it.

  2. I too am a salad girl and this one looks delish! What is the dressing? It looks spicy and yummy!

  3. I DO like sandwiches and eat them often, but would give mine up for one of your salads! That looks yummy.

  4. I love a homemade soup with a salad or sandwich! Yummy

  5. Looks yummo Patti! Well my lunch through the week consist of whatever I have leftover in the frig! Ha! My Sunday dinner this week though was fried porkchops, mashed pot. and gravy, biscuits, collards greens, wild rice, and salad. you know why I have leftovers! Ha! Hugs and blessings, Cindy


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Thanks for stopping by!



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