Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doorknob Jewelry

Do your door knobs wear jewelry?
Mine do! Here are some samples from my home:

This rooster tassel was given to me from Terry at Forever Decorating - If you haven't met her yet, go visit and see how clever and creative she is - She is a daily blog trip for me!

Just a little something that can dress up a simply boring door!

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  1. Cute! Can you guess which one is my favorite? ;-)

  2. Ahhh, Thanks. And I really love the MC ones...I spotted them of course!

  3. Oh. I thought you meant do your door wear jewelry when you're too lazy to put the beaded necklace back on the correct hook where you spent hours nicely organizing them------my bad :) Have a great weekend!

  4. ahhh, I have a few knob jewelry....not as pretty as yours, tho.
    I never thought about posting about them but can bet I will. Gotta keep my COPY CAT PROFILE up and going, ya know. :)))

  5. I have never thought about this, I like this idea because it makes a knob feel more inviting. Thanks for posting a comment on my pork chops!

  6. What were you doing at my house taking pictures, Patti! : ) Yes, I have tassels all over the place ~ doors, cabinet doors, lamps, drawers!

  7. What a heck of a fun post! Who would ever think, a doorknob parade would make my day? Fun and inviting!

  8. These are cute! I used to tie scarves on my doorknobs in the bedroom but these are prettier.


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Thanks for stopping by!



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