Friday, November 4, 2011

Clothespin Santas

Here's a quick idea for a handmade package "tie-on". Similar to the way I painted the cinnamon santas, but I used clothespins this time:

They can be used on gift bags, instead of a bow:

and many other ways: to gather a napkin at a place setting, as a place card at the table, to label foods at a buffet, or even clipped to a recipe card (with the ingredients of the actual prepared food attached)
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  1. You have the most clever ideas Patti. Love this! We'll be at Mackenzie Childs this weekend ;o) I'm hoping to leave with one of their Christmas stockings. I never find them at the barn sale.

  2. What a clever idea! And so many uses for it too!!

  3. I just can't get over the cuteness of these!


  4. Hey Patti!
    I can comment today! :) YAY!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE these!
    Xoxoo, A

    Oh, P.S. - I just posted the first room of the tour of our house, I hope you'll stop by to check out the Sunroom and the decoration. I think you'll like it! :)

  5. These are so cute Patti....loved the cinammon Santas too!

  6. Totally cute your Sanata clips !


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Thanks for stopping by!