Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Placemats...

Many, many years ago I bought these paper plates at MacKenzie-Childs. I never got around to using them because I almost always use real dinner plates. the other day I got lazy and used them when the family came to visit. I have always loved this old world map pattern:
Remember earlier in the week when I made new valances for my morning room?
Well I just bought some MacKenzie-Childs cork placemats to match -a similar pattern to the paper plates - for only $20.00!:
The old world European map in the center takes me to my dream of cruising the Mediterranean:
It has the "Buttercup" design around the edges, which matches my casserole. And as the tale goes, Victoria first painted this design on the wall of the farmhouse with her fingers!
In the center of the table I have an old Hall pitcher....
...with a fake fern:
Ahhh...the little things that make me happy!


  1. Oh the places would could go....on your traveling table. Love the plates -- I sometimes use paper plates under glass ones....just to give them a little "upgrade".

  2. I have the same frying pan in the "Buttercup" design, and love those cork placemats! Did you find them on Ebay? I never think to look there. Love the plates too!

  3. Hi Patti,
    I love that valance!! You make it all sound so easy but I don't think they would turn out that good with me behind the sewing machine. The placemats were the perfect finishing touch.

  4. Ah, yes! The little things that make us happy. I've never seen the map design for MKC. I also hadn't heard the story about the buttercup design. I always learn something from your posts. Thanks! ~ Sarah


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Thanks for stopping by!